Security with CCTV solutions from Camsat

Ensure effective monitoring of your private property, industrial buildings, warehouses or offices with advanced CCTV camera system from Camsat. The company has developed a range of wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories. They provide quality signal (also in HD and 4K) characterized by high reliability as well.

Carrying system for cables - BAKS

Amongst the products, manufactured by BAKS company, you will find for example cable trays system, which have proven to be very functional and solid in various environments. Thanks to modern production process, the company offers solutions ideally adjusted to the needs of individual customers. See more on the website.

Stylish collections of women clothes

Be bold, be unique and stand out from the crowd with enchanting collections included in our offer. Fashion clothes for ladies includes the most stunning blouses, elegant dresses, skirts, pants, caps and numerous other projects. They are for women who are passionate about their look and search for youthful, energetic and trendy designs.

Easy way from a plane to the hotel

Travelling to the hotel or any other destination can be difficult for many foreign tourists. Our company will be glad to help you with transportation. We organize an airport transfer in Krakow. If you want to travel to any Polish city or Prague, Vienna, Berlin or Budapest, we can help you. Our service is for people travelling alone, in small or larger groups up to 50 people.

Durable industrial elements

The company was founded to provide industries with durable, reliable elements like valves, joints and level gauges. Our iron foundry is equipped with a pattern shop, and a technologically advanced machinery park. We produce mainly stop, bellow, control and check valves made of materials like brass or stainless steel.

elements for the continuous air flow

Our company recommends innovative elements, used to ensure the proper airflow balance and continuous airflow. Plenum boxes from our offer might possess such additional components as dampers. The devices are usually made of galavanised steel sheet and can have a top entry or a side entry. We can also recommend products like a round joint for circular diffuser NCD.

Production of drivelines and gearing

Basing on technologically advanced tools and systems, as well as innvoative solutions, we are a highly qualified transmission manufacturer. We offer premium quality spur and bevel gears, shafts and discs, and powertrain components. Our clients come from various industries: agricultural, railway, energy and power, therefore we are very experienced in what we do.

Law firm Poland

With offices in the countries of the Baltic Sea region, the legal company provides services for businesses and individuals around Europe. Magnusson is law firm located also in Poland. Warsaw office has been created in order to provide legal assistance, advice and take active part in a wide variety of cases.

Wytwarzanie elementów ze stali

Nasz zakład z siedzibą w Rypinie oferuje najwyższej jakości elementy metalowe. Jako producent kołnierzy stalowych jesteśmy w stanie zapewnić produkty, które sprawdzą się w wielu branżach przemysłowych, w tym w przemyśle budowlanym, stoczniowym, zakładach chemicznych oraz wielu innych halach produkcyjnych.

Freshly finished pickup truck

If you’re looking for a custom car, that’s made just for you, look no further. We are happy to present a freshly editted Ford Ranger which will make everyone on the streets envious. This reliable pickup truck is one of our finest and most recent works. It’s equipped with everything you might need and kept in a raw and flavourful style.

Coronavirus test

The coronavirus pandemic has forced laboratories and pharmaceutical companies around the world to develop more and more new diagnostic activities. One of the available methods are rapid tests that can be purchased through our website. We have two types of this product on sale and the results are ready to read within 15 minutes.

Noise suppression

Medical examinations do not always have to be associated with stress and panic attacks. We just need to use the right tools! The MRI stereo system is a product created both for patients and doctors. Our accessories provide 30 db of noise suppression of and a peace of mind that is difficult to overestimate.

How much does it cost?

Are you wondering what is the total price of our solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll provide you with the detailed boat shipping costs. No matter where you are from - we serve both clients based in the European Union and outside the EU. You can call us, write an e-mail or use a special form on the website.

The lingerie shop

You do not need to wear certain pieces of clothing in order to impress others. Actually, we believe that the only person who needs to pampered and shocked by your sensuality, feminity and beauty is yourself. In this category you will find sexy underwear for women - lacey, with mesh and so much more in basically every color you could wish for.

The lighting store

Modern interiors are usually based on great simplicity. It is difficult to find in them a place to hide various design elements, for example, lighting. Then you need to adjust the led tape, or more precisely, the profile to the dominant color on the surface to which it will be attached. So if your home is dominated by dark colors, black anodized aluminum may be the best choice.

Airflight services

If you are looking for a responsible company that will professionally take care of your goods and transport them safely from point a to b in the shortest possible time, you have come to the right place. We have been dealing with Air logistics international for several years. We take care of the transportation of all kinds of goods: from heavy and large-sized goods to miniature ones.