Accessories for cigarette industry

TabPol, Hawana Tabacco and Del-Vis company are known manufacturers of a variety of products for tobacco industry. Currently, the offer includes, for instance cigarette filter tubes, papers, machine for their production, as well as different kinds of tobacco. The offer is chosen by European customers because of quality combined with low prices.

Forbuild expansion profiles

The systems were designed to allow different elements of the structure to work independently, thus counteracting any deformations in the building. Forbuild’s expansion joint system works with floors, ceilings, wall, roofs and other elements. Visit the website to find out more about Deflex solutions.

Security with CCTV solutions from Camsat

Ensure effective monitoring of your private property, industrial buildings, warehouses or offices with advanced CCTV camera system from Camsat. The company has developed a range of wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories. They provide quality signal (also in HD and 4K) characterized by high reliability as well.

Original portable bars for sale

Choose the highest quality guaranteed by the only original mobile bar manufacturer. Choosing our offer you can be sure, that our folding, portable working stations for bartenders will meet all your professional demands. They come in over 30 different versions, including VIP, flair or even the sturdiest steel one.

Carrying system for cables - BAKS

Amongst the products, manufactured by BAKS company, you will find for example cable trays system, which have proven to be very functional and solid in various environments. Thanks to modern production process, the company offers solutions ideally adjusted to the needs of individual customers. See more on the website.

Low voltage switchgear manufacturers - ZPUE

Wide application in even the most demanding conditions and vast configuration possibilities are one of the most important characteristics of each of ZPUE’s basic and more advanced LV switchgear. The company provides equipment for energy distribution, including air and gas insulated containers. Some of the solutions have special, modular structure, to increase their versatility and let you choose the best option for your individual requirements. For more technical details visit the company website.

Stylish collections of women clothes

Be bold, be unique and stand out from the crowd with enchanting collections included in our offer. Fashion clothes for ladies includes the most stunning blouses, elegant dresses, skirts, pants, caps and numerous other projects. They are for women who are passionate about their look and search for youthful, energetic and trendy designs.

Dressta - wheel loader

Elite machinery for the most demanding tasks on a building site. Dressta is well-known and appreciated for superior durability of their wheel loaders and other machines included in the offer. The equipment is extremely powerful and support efficient work at the same time. You can also request a special feature you need.

Industrial equipment for metal detection

Our company offers magnetic systems that isolate ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts from materials and commodities. We produce machines like the metal separator, which can be used for product testing and equipment protection in mining, steel industry or food manufacturing industry. Our qualified staff will install the chosen magnetic detection system on a belt or a pipe conveyor in your company.

Easy way from a plane to the hotel

Travelling to the hotel or any other destination can be difficult for many foreign tourists. Our company will be glad to help you with transportation. We organize an airport transfer in Krakow. If you want to travel to any Polish city or Prague, Vienna, Berlin or Budapest, we can help you. Our service is for people travelling alone, in small or larger groups up to 50 people.

Efficient, decorative lighting

We offer efficient and visually pleasing lamps for public spaces. Presented exterior lantern lights are perfect for areas like historical sites, public parks and squares, and representative streets of the city. The lamps come in different colours, sizes and models. The luminaires combine modern design with high efficiency.

Durable industrial elements

The company was founded to provide industries with durable, reliable elements like valves, joints and level gauges. Our iron foundry is equipped with a pattern shop, and a technologically advanced machinery park. We produce mainly stop, bellow, control and check valves made of materials like brass or stainless steel.

Vaser HiDef and other procedures

Removal or reduction of excessive fat has become quite popular procedure among people who care about their looks. Top-Medics Poland conducts advanced liposuction procedures who are not as invasive as a surgery. Vaser HiDef and VaserLipo are body sculpting methods which allow to reduce the fat and contour the body.

elements for the continuous air flow

Our company recommends innovative elements, used to ensure the proper airflow balance and continuous airflow. Plenum boxes from our offer might possess such additional components as dampers. The devices are usually made of galavanised steel sheet and can have a top entry or a side entry. We can also recommend products like a round joint for circular diffuser NCD.

Balances and Scales

For the most demanding research and development facilities, the RADWAG company has prepared a choice of precise, reliable weighing equipment. The laboratory balances employ the most advanced technological solutions to ensure your measurements help you in your work. The website presents the details of the scales.

Taste the most delicious local dishes

Do you love both food and travels? The food tour in Krakow can provide you with one-of-a-kind experience of our cuisine, traditions, culture and history. You will eat in 4 or more restaurants, which represent different sides of our cuisine. The tastings will provide you with a hearty meal, so be prepared for a full stomach!

Brew yourself something delicious!

Do you know that saying: you are what you eat? Then become a better person and start eating natural, instead of all that processed meals! It’s easy now – you can buy healthy food online! See how many amazing spices, herbs, sauces, oils and cereals are waiting for you to finally change the way you nourish yourself!

Dried larvae for dinner

We believe in innovations and see the opportunity where others do not look. We are a Polish company that produces insect meal and soil. High in protein and nutritious micro-elements Black Soldier Fly becomes a wonderful base for composing a full-fat feed for pets, fish and birds and for preparing a natural fertilizer.

Go on an amazing adventure

Are you looking for a great and certainly very memorable adventure in Europe? Cracow city tour is an amazing way to explore one of the most beautiful places in this part of the world. You will get an opportunity to see numerous historical destinations in the Lesser Poland. Do not wait – book now and experience its most stunning locations!

Ekstremalne wyprawy na czterech kółkach

To, co najciekawsze czeka na Ciebie poza głównym szlakiem. Nasza oferta wypraw off road to ekstremalna przygoda i niepowtarzalna szansa na przeprawę po zamarzniętym jeziorze lub najwyżej położonych trasach w Himalajach. Siedząc za kółkiem specjalnie przystosowanego pojazdu będziesz miał okazję dotrzeć do miejsc, do których docierają nieliczni.

Production of drivelines and gearing

Basing on technologically advanced tools and systems, as well as innvoative solutions, we are a highly qualified transmission manufacturer. We offer premium quality spur and bevel gears, shafts and discs, and powertrain components. Our clients come from various industries: agricultural, railway, energy and power, therefore we are very experienced in what we do.

We will furnish your stores

We do roll-outs for hotels, restaurants, stores, cafes – any places of which interior design has an influence on the customers and can also have impact on their opinion. We are valued fixture manufacturers in Europe – choose us to create a design for you and bring it to life. We offer cash desks, changing rooms, gondolas and any other things you may need in your stores.

MDF, laminated TV unites from MEX

Check the choice of very affordable and at the same time elegant and solid furniture, offered by reliable online store - MEX. The company prepared very attractive prices for, e.g. high gloss TV cabinets, manufactured from laminated chipboard as well as MDF. They are chosen for modern and traditional interiors - see more!

Packaging machinery

We provide top-of-the-line solutions in the field of wrapping and packaging technology for the food industry. Our offer onvolves both fully automatic and manual bottle filling machines, which can be integrated into a production line. The equipment is made of food grade stainless steel to ensure proper durability.