SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH blow molding machines

Modern technology allows to manufacture a vast number of plastic, PET bottles per hour. SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a company specializing in developing the blow mold technology and producing reliable and very solid machines implementing it on a daily basis. See the website to find out more about the process!

Accessories for cigarette industry

TabPol, Hawana Tabacco and Del-Vis company are known manufacturers of a variety of products for tobacco industry. Currently, the offer includes, for instance cigarette filter tubes, papers, machine for their production, as well as different kinds of tobacco. The offer is chosen by European customers because of quality combined with low prices.

Find out more about Special Economic Zones in Poland

Many entrepreneurs who plan to invest in the country have vague knowledge of the most beneficial investment lands. Cushman & Wakefield prepared on the website a short information on Special Economic Zones in Poland. They are the areas where every entrepreneur can count on beneficial conditions, including a tax exempt (which size depends on numerous factors). Visit the website prepared by our company, familiarize yourself with the materials and find the best warehouse for your needs from the offer.

Choose the best hotels only - book Don Prestige Residence

73 air-conditioned rooms with all the things you need to rest comfortably are at your disposal. Don Prestige Residence is one of the best Poznan hotels, guesting businesspeople as well as tourists looking for the best conditions. It is located near the old market square as well as near to business centers.

Forbuild expansion profiles

The systems were designed to allow different elements of the structure to work independently, thus counteracting any deformations in the building. Forbuild’s expansion joint system works with floors, ceilings, wall, roofs and other elements. Visit the website to find out more about Deflex solutions.

Polythene bags for your store - FROGUT

Environmentally friendly, available in several versions and sizes, they are available to customers in virtually any store, both small and large. FROGUT is a plastic shopping bags manufacturer with vast experience, offering standard and non-standard products. They usually serve as well as a promotional material, as they can be printed on both sides with your logo.

Radwag's analyzers

The laboratory equipment offers quality dry mass measurement in fully controllable conditions. Radwag has prepared professional moisture analyzers selected by the most demanding research facilities. They offer as well visualisation of the drying process in form of a diagram, bar graph and others. See more.

New chocolate decorations from Barbara Luijckx

For every confectionery master, they are a necessary accessory to ensure each cake and/or dessert will be a success. Barbara Luijckx offers a wide variety of chocolate decorations for those who appreciate perfect taste and look. Visit the website and learn about the shavings, curls, rolls, cigarellos and other products.

Medieval costumes online

You do not have to look far if you want to find clothing from ’middle ages’. The online market has a vast choice, which allows you to find the exact medieval dress and costume you need for your next reenactment. Check the full offer and pick body linen, under garments, headwear, shoes and other items!

Laser assisted liposuction - Top-Medics

Innovative solutions from the area of aesthetic medicine are increasingly less invasive and at the same time guarantee achieving even better effects. Top-Medics private clinics offer a wide range of such procedures, including Smart Lipo. It is a minimally invasive, laser-assisted liposuction, which allows to easily remove all of the excessive fat deposits and effectively shape the patients figure. Visit the clinics’ website to check the details of the treatment and see our extremely attractive prices.

STOL aircraft - M28

Versatile aircraft designed by the best for the most demanding conditions, including FIKI. M28 is a STOL (short takeoff and landing) plane, which can serve as a VIP, cargo, medical, SAR, parachuting plane and several others. Its twin turboprop engine and special designed is characterized as well be extreme endurance.

Sintered, organic and other pads for bicycles

Choose the best prices and the best quality, by buying your bicycle parts and accessories online. In our store you can find, amongst other things, Magura brake pads in several versions: for city bikes, dirt, road, trekking and other versions. While buying parts, check out as well clothes and other gadgets you might enjoy.

Killer and traps for flies

A range of effective devices which allow stores, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and other places get rid of bug problem. Each insect trap, fly killer and other exterminators use different technology, perfect for different environment. The offer also includes aesthetic models, which can be used in the most elegant surrounding.

Great dental treatment

Nowadays dental holidays become more and more popular not only amongst the people, who are searching for inexpensive services, but also the ones, who look first of all for the highest quality treatment. In Poland you can find one of the best specialists, especially if you choose Dentim Europe clinic.

Manufacturer of lampshades - Art-Abazur

Designed by the most creative artists, they allow to direct, disperse and contain the light in any room in the most amazing ways. Visit Art-Abazur’s website and find out more about lamp shades from Poland. Their custom design and virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to their size, materials used (thus colours, finishes etc.) and form. The company works on your projects, on the basis of your guidelines or you can choose one of the ready solutions available in the catalogue. Check the designs!

Security with CCTV solutions from Camsat

Ensure effective monitoring of your private property, industrial buildings, warehouses or offices with advanced CCTV camera system from Camsat. The company has developed a range of wireless transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories. They provide quality signal (also in HD and 4K) characterized by high reliability as well.

Paying taxes in Warsaw

Complicated and numerous regulations, constantly changing rules, make it extremely difficulty for large, medium and even small companies to keep track of property tax in Poland. Assistance of a trained advisor is quite usually not an advantage, but a necessity. The legal company provides help in all areas, including income, divorces and others.

Original portable bars for sale

Choose the highest quality guaranteed by the only original mobile bar manufacturer. Choosing our offer you can be sure, that our folding, portable working stations for bartenders will meet all your professional demands. They come in over 30 different versions, including VIP, flair or even the sturdiest steel one.

Carrying system for cables - BAKS

Amongst the products, manufactured by BAKS company, you will find for example cable trays system, which have proven to be very functional and solid in various environments. Thanks to modern production process, the company offers solutions ideally adjusted to the needs of individual customers. See more on the website.